IATSE 470 COVID Reporting and Dispatch Guidelines.

In order to protect the workers dispatched via the IATSE 470 hiring hall the following procedures will be adopted.

  1. The following will be in effect for all workers whom have had a possible exposure to COVID.
    1.1 The worker will notify the Business Agent immediately.
    1.2 The worker will get a COVID test according to CDC guidelines.
    1.3 The worker will not be further dispatched without a negative test result.
    1.4 Other workers will only be notified of a possible exposure if a worker has tested positive for COVID

  2. In the event an exposed worker tests positive for COVID the following procedures will go into effect to minimize the possible spread of COVID
    2.1 They will notify the Business Agent of a positive test immediately.
    2.2 The worker who tested positive will not be dispatched until a negative test is received and the proper precautions as described by the CDC, such as quarantine, have been observed.
    2.3 The Business Agent will notify all workers who the positive tested worker may have come into contact with of a possible exposure.
    2.4 It is the recommendation of the local that all workers possibility exposed be tested.