Film Sub-classification with in IATSE Local 470

Section 1.  Qualification for membership

Applicants for membership in this Alliance must be employed in the theatrical, television or moving picture industry in occupations within the jurisdiction of this Alliance or must be capable of obtaining such employment, and must possess sufficient experience and ability to pass a reasonable examination upon the particulars of their respective crafts.

Any person applying for Membership in this local must be of good character and reputation and unless waived by the International for proper cause upon application by the local, must have been a resident within the area of jurisdiction for at least 18 months preceding application with the Union.  Such applicant shall be of legal age to engage in gainful occupation within the jurisdiction.  The requirement of 18 months' residence as above provided may, however, be waived by the General Secretary-Treasurer in special cases where the circumstances is his judgment warrant the same for the protection of this Alliance, or its members.  In addition, by vote of the general membership, some or all of the provided criteria may be suspended to allow for authorized organizing efforts by IATSE Local 470.

To be eligible for membership, an applicant must:

Have a minimum of 100 cumulative hours as a worker on the Local 470 Hiring Hall referral list within the film industry or as defined by Article 17 of the Area Standards Agreement.

Have the necessary skills to fulfill the particulars of their respective crafts.

Have all percentages and fines paid. (Be in good financial standing.)

Have completed and submitted a Letter of Intent (see below) to join Local 470.

Section 2.  Application for Membership

Every application (letter of intent) for membership must be made upon the official printed form of this Alliance, to be supplied to the applicant by the Union, or on forms supplied for direct membership in the Alliance by the International office or other forms supplied for organizing purposes.

Letters of Intent received are read twice at General Membership meetings and applicants may be invited or not, to an interview before voting upon.

Applications are accepted and provide equal opportunity for training without discrimination because of age, sex, race, color, religion, sexual preference, national origin, physical appearance or educational accreditation.

Wherever permitted by law, employees cover by the Theatrical and Television Motion Picture Area Standards Agreement (ASA), as a condition of employment, shall become and thereafter remain members in good standing of the Union on and after the thirtieth day of their employment or thirty (30) days following the execution of the Agreement, which ever is the later date.

As defined and applied in Article 17 of the ASA, the term “member in good standing of the Union” means a person who offers to pay (and, if the Union accepts the offer, pays) Union initiation fees and dues as financial obligations in accordance with the requirements of the National Labor Relations Act.

An application may be rejected for any of the following reasons:

Section 3.  Examination of Applicants

Applicants for membership may be required to pass a satisfactory examination as to their competency and qualifications.  Such examination if given, must be before a Board of Examiners selected by the Union and the examination must be uniform as to all applicants.

Section 4.  Voting on Applicants

Applicants who have complied with the preceding Sections and who are, there under, eligible for membership, shall be proposed for admission at a regular meeting of the Union.

Upon acceptance by majority vote applicants shall be registered as 'Junior' or 'Apprentice' within IATSE Local 470.

Section 5.  Financial Obligations

Members of this Alliance shall be obligated to meet the financial obligations properly imposed upon them by IATSE Local 470.

Members may be suspended or expelled without trial by the Local for non-payment of dues and other financial obligations.  In no event shall a member be expelled unless he has been delinquent for a period of more than six months and unless such member has been given 10 days' written notice, by certified mail directed to his home address as last entered in the records of the Local unless payment of his arrears is made within such 10- day period.


The Dues payable by each member shall be twenty dollars per quarter over and above the per capita tax as provided by the International Alliance, payable in advance, plus 5% (five per cent) of the earnings of members from work under the Local's jurisdiction. The initiation fee shall be $350 for all members, plus processing fee as determined by the I.A.T.S.E. International Office.

Members at least 65 years of age with 25 years of membership in the Alliance may at their option be declared Retired Members provided that they fully cease employment under the Local's jurisdiction or the jurisdiction of any other affiliated IATSE local or the International. Retired Members shall have voice but no vote at Union meetings and shall not be eligible to hold office.

Section 6.  Obligations of Membership

Members wishing to maintain membership in this sub classification must fulfill the following requirements:

Section 7.  Apprentice Members

No 'Junior' or 'Apprentice' members may be permitted to maintain such status for a period of more than three years.  At the expiration of such time, such 'Apprentice' or 'Junior' member shall be balloted upon by the membership of IATSE Local 470 and be accepted into full membership of the Alliance on receiving a favorable majority vote of the votes cast at the meeting or shall cease to have connection therewith, dependent upon the action of the membership of IATSE Local 470.

Section 8. Savings Clause

In the event that any term, paragraph, or provision, of this document is found to be unenforceable, illegal (under Federal, State, Local, or Union laws and Contracts), the Executive Board shall submit any changes to the general membership.

Should any term, paragraph, or provision of this document be found to be illegal or unenforceable, ONLY that part shall become void. All other provisions of this document shall apply.