Wardrobe and Wigs & Hair Departments

The Wardrobe Department and the Wigs & Hair Department are two departments that appear on a "Yellow Card" for a professional road show. In some jurisdictions they form separate locals from "stagehands", but within the jurisdiction of Local 470 they are part of Local 470 and are full members of 470.

Local 470 has voted to have separate membership requirements and testing procedures for members who wish to specialize in these areas. Members who do so traditionally get first chance at calls for these departments, because they have demonstrated the skills and training necessary to perform tasks within these areas. Many members actually have passed the "general Stagehand" test AND qualified for the "specialty" departments. We encourage this; it makes you more employable and a better, more knowledgeable workforce for us when filling calls. Demonstrated expertise is ONE of the criteria used when filling a call for a particular skill set, and achieving "Journeyman" status in a "specialty" department serves to demonstrate those skills.

Those wishing to become a Journeyman Wardrobe member must first pass the Journeyman Wardrobe written and Practical exams. The requirements to complete the testing process are as follows:

Adopted July. 2011

Below you can find various documents relating to these areas. Most are generally available; a few may be "Members Only".


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